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About Us

Currently, the number of investors in crypto-coins already exceeds 1.4 million people. If this pace is maintained, the number of buyers of this type of asset will exceed the volume of investors in “Tesouro Direto”, which is celebrating record numbers, that nowadays corresponds to about 1.8 million.

Based on this scenario and extensive experience in the asset and cryptocurrency market, we created the V8 miner application, which is high performing and very simple to use. We have developed this Node management tool aiming the best advantage of the cryptocurrency market. With this application, you can multiply your earnings by getting to the MasterNode Status!

about app


Inserted in a billion dollar market, V8 Miner brings for its customers and affiliates a great business proposition. With exclusive products and services, we offer several ways of gain for all types of people.

How it works

The management application consists in the set of processes required to validate, process and optimize your daily earnings.


Manage your earnings through your smartphone. Download now, sign in and start enjoying all the benefits.


Do you know anyone else who would like to make money automatically from your cell phone? You can form a qualified team and maximize your earnings with V8Miner.


At V8 Miner all your effort is rewarded. To do this, we have created a career plan that will allow you to win prizes and make your dreams come true.

Accession Package

There are 5 plans available for you start your earnings today with the V8 Miner. Check below the profitability of each package.


A device to buy, sell and convert into cryptocurrency, all through fast and easy technology.


With the unique technology, the V8PAY allows a practical and simplified use of cryptocurrency.

Crypto payments

It enables the payment of any product and service with cryptocurrency.

Speed in transactions

Possibility to exchange money in real-time and even faster operations than traditional ones.


Compliance and request KYC for the clients.


Transactions confirmed immediately and confirmed in blockchain.


Inserting of another fast and secure form of payment for daily operations.


A device to buy, sell and convert into cryptocurrency, all through fast and easy technology.

Common questions

Stay on top of frequently asked questions and clarify your inquiries related the application and your mining process.

For Android e IOS
No, just need internet access. The app works automatically, just log in and track your daily earnings.
The higher the package you choose, the higher your daily earnings will be. But regardless of the package joined in V8 Miner, you just have to win.
By completing a profit of 365% of your package. It is important to explain that when you renew the package, you start to profit again.
With the V8 Miner you only have to win. All packages generate daily profits, so the higher your package, the higher will be your income. Choose yours now and start earning